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Seed treating equipment SBI-1

The seed treating or dressing equipment (chemical coating), type SBI-1, is made to perfectly achieve essential operation: to coat the seeds with a protective liquid (pickle). Seed treater is suitable for different types of high quality grain, peas, beans, corn, buckwheat, rape, caraway, beet, etc. with the aid of the pickle. The seeds of cereal and industrial crops are pickled by the liquid toxic chemicals before the sowing, for dealing with the different diseases.


The basic units include:

  • Frame
  • Bunker
  • the adjustable seeds batcher
  • pickle batcher (material – stainless steel)
  • screw conveyer (material – stainless steel)
  • preparation system of pickle

Construction of screw conveyer guarantees the precise of pickling the large doses, also the small doses of seeds.
Screw conveyer is rotated by belt gear.
The pickle preparation system consists of the chemical liquid tank and pump.
Equipment is controlled by the electric control box.

Technical data:

Model SBI-1
Output, t/h                                           4,0
Chemicals tank capacity, l 50
Electromotor power of a screw mixer, kW 1,1; 1,5 with 3m screw
Electromotor power of a pump, kW 0,37
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), m 2,2/0,9/1,55
Weight, kg                  160

Benefits of Seed Treatment:
 1. Prevents spread of plant diseases
 2. Protects seed from seed rot and seedling blights
 3. Improves germination
 4. Provides protection from storage insects
 5. Controls soil insects.


The tank is filled after required amount of liquid chemicals is measured.
Chemical liquid hose has to be connected to the screw conveyor.
Switch on the screw conveyor and pump motors.
The grains are supplied to the bunker.
Stained grains are unloaded on the user's selected container.


Easy to move to another location
Suitable for various types of seeds

For easier loading of seeds to the treater, we are offering mobile screw transporter with capacity up to 4t/h and 1.1kW motor.

Contact us if you want to get more information about seed treating equipment.