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Grain crusher GT-1

Grain crusher is used to crush various kinds of grains, peas, buckwheat, beans, corn, linseed seeds and etc.  Crushed grains are usually used to feed ruminant animals. Crushed grain are easier to digest, nutrients are assimilated more easily.
Suitable as simply pellets chrusher.

Main parts:

  1. body
  2. frame
  3. horizontal rollings made of tempered steel
  4. bunker with valve
  5. magnetic metal catcher
  6. rollings protection mechanism
  7. blades for rollings 
  8. electric engine starter

Working process:

Grains are stored in the bunker, they are supplied between two horizontal rollings through opened valve, (valve is opened only after engine has started). Rollings chop the grain in equal fraction flakes. Required flake width is adjusted by the gap between the rollings.  

Technical data:

Model                                   GT-1
Type Stationary
Capacity, kg/h 400-1200
Electric engine power, kW 7,5
Rolling's, units      2
Gap between rolling's, mm 0-5
Trolley volume, kg 100
Infusion height, mm 1500
Drive type Belt
Operated by 1 person
Dimentions (length/width/height), m 1,4/0,74/1,5
Weight, kg 370


  • simple construction;
  • easy installation and start;
  • grain crushing looses 20% less raw material then grinding with the mills;
  • crusher uses 30% less energy than grain mills;
  • quality feed is made;
  • work time economy;
  • metal magnets are installed.


Flake quality depends on humidity of the grain.
We recommend to crush 18-25% humidity grains.
If 11-15% humidity grains are used, as a result you get lower capacity, more dust.


Warranty term – 12 months.

Contact us, if you want to get more information about grain crusher.