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Roots crusher SS-1N

Roots crusher SS-1N is recommended to use in small or medium farms, for crushing various types of beet, apples, carrots, leaf and etc.
SS-1N is made of stainless steel.
Main parts of roots crusher:
1. working chamber
2. bunker
3. rotor
4. electric engine
Work process:
Roots or leaf are loaded to the bunker. By the help of rotor they are supplied into working chamber. Crushed roots or leaf are discharged through the output.
Technical data
Model SS-1N
Type Stationary
Capacity t/h Up to 3
Electric engine power, kW 1,5 (three phaze)
Weight, kg  Up to 58
Rotor speed, minˉ¹ 900-1600
Dimentions (width, height), mm 530/1250
Operated by, 1 person
Operation, min Up to 30
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