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Seed treating equipment SBI-1

Seed pickling equipment is made to coat seeds with a protective liquid (pickle).

Seed treating equipment SBI-2

Seed treating machinery 10 tons per hour

Grain crusher GT-1

Grain crusher is used to crush various kinds of grains, peas, buckwheat, beans, corn, linseed seeds and etc.

Grain mill GMM-1

Grain mill is intended to mill grains for feeding animals in an individual farms.

Hammer mills

Hammer millс suitable for grinding straw, sawdust, sunflower husk

Hammer mill PM-18,5

Hammer mill is used for grinding all kinds of grain cultures. Grinded material is used for farm animal and birds feeding.

Roots crusher SS-1A

Roots crusher SS-1A is recommended to use in small or medium farms, for crushing various types of beet, carrots, leaf and etc.

Roots crusher SS-1N

Stainless steel roots crusher SS-1N is recommended to use in small or medium farms, for crushing apples.

Combine harvester for berries „JOVARAS“

Combine harvester "JOVARAS" is intended for the harvesting of the bushy berries: black, red and yellow currants.

Screw transporter

Screw transporter is used to transport various types of grain cultures, flour and feed.

Metalworks by order

JSC "Radviliskis Machine Factory" by individual clients orders design and produce various complexities nonstandard manufactures from metal, technological lines