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Screw transporter

Screw transporter is used to transport various types of grain cultures, flour and feed.
Suitable for transporting into seed treaters, garners, etc.
Used in various farms and companies when big capacity and low energy is required. Wheels are installed to easily move the transporter.
It works very well with our other equipment - seed treater SBI-1.

Main parts:

  1. tube with delivery bunker and valve
  2. screw
  3. bearings
  4. backside drive
  5. electric engine
  6. protection cover
  7. clamps

Technical data:

Electric engin, kW 1,1
Speed, RPM 1500
Capacity, t/h iki 4
Diameter, mm 102
Length, m 3,2
Filling height, m iki 0,6

We also produce various types of screw, belt transporters for different raw material according to individual orders. Contact us for more information.

Information required for ordering Your individual transporter:

  • transporter type
  • raw material type
  • required capacity
  • transporting distance
  • required lift angle

Contact us if you need more information about screw transporter.