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Combine harvester for berries „JOVARAS“

Combine harvester "JOVARAS" is intended for the harvesting of the bushy berries: black, red and yellow currants.
 „Jovaras“ advantage - it is suitable for picking berries from the bottom and from the top of the bush.

Main parts:
1. Combs
2. Working shaft
3. Work mechanism frame
4. Vibro pins
5. Transporters
6. Diverter
7. Ventilator

How it works:

Combine is pulled by tractor. Spreads the berry bush in two parts, bends the berry bush near working combine valve and vibro pins shakes the berries off.
Shaked down berries are supplied to the boxes by conveyor belt. Operator prepares the boxes.

Technical specifications:

Model                   USK-1
Type attachable
Capacity, ha/h 0,1-0,25
Berry picking, % 97
Impurities, % <1
Work speed, km/h 0,5-2
Combine gears Hydraulic
Operators 2 persons
Dimensions(length/width/height, m 5,9/2,7/2,3
Weight, kg 1650


  • Does not break the bush.
  • Very small impurities amount.
  • Doesn‘t grind berries.
  • Certified and tested.
  • Picks small and big berries.
  • Do not need to reselect the berries.
  • Fits 80 berrie boxes 13 kg each.
  • Protection against overheat.
  • Certified and awarded.


  • Combine can be used only with tractors, which power are not less than 20 kW and have slow down gear.


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