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Pellet press OGM-1.5A

Pellet press (pellet mill) - key to a successful business for pellet production. We are proud that for decades we are the only original, high-quality, reliable pellet press OGM-1, 5A manufacturers. Our priority is high quality of products and we also feel the obligation to continue the traditions of our long-term history.
Nowadays there are many ways to use various types of pellets. There are numerous advantages of pellets: pellets are easier to store because they take up less space, is more convenient to transport and saves all the primary benefits of material. Radviliskis machine factory produces high-quality presses; they are regularly improved to meet the needs of today's global market.
Since 1975, when our factory manufactured the first model of pellet press for grass flour, we have made many changes in our equipment, so that today it is able to make pellets from various kinds of raw material. According to our clients feedback automatic lubrication system for roller lubrication is installed, improvements made for raw material not to vacuum in the system, pellet press gear motor body and all the shafts are strengthened to withstand the highest loads during pelletizing process.  Since 2007 we are using the advanced air filtration system. All highest quality completing parts are certified under European standards.

UPDATED! Spare parts catalogue of OGM-1,5A for DOWNLOAD:

Pellets can be produced from:
  • Straw
  • Manure
  • Sawdust
  • Grass flour
  • Canary grass
  • Peat
  • Combined feed
  • Sugar beet pulp
  • Plant shell
  • Other

The basic units include:
1. press with the batcher and mixer
2. screw transporter
3. bin, elevator
4. cooler
5. cyclone-ventilator
6. sorter
7. electric box
8. water system join
9. extra EKO filter


Ready to be granulated material is transported by the screw conveyor within/into the hopper from which by the help of the divider gradually goes to the mixer.
In the mixer material is irrigated with water or steam until required moisture for granulating achieved.
From mixer moistened material enters the press.
Grinded materials are fed into the device and spreaders smooth the material into die and coat it. Two rollers compress the substance, pushing the material through the radial slots. Controllable blade hack the pellet according to a fixed length. Hot pellets carried in to refrigerator/cooler.
A special counter air flow cooler, cooling the pellet into room temperature and evaporate the moisture of the pellet to make it firm enough for storage and transportation.
Cooled pellets are separated in sorter. Good quality pellets goes through the unloading outlet, dusts and crumbles goes to cyclone, from which - to additional pressing.

Technical data:

Output, t/h  
-grass, compound feed, beet
-pulp peat, manure, straw
-sawdust, husk
up to 2,2
up to 1,3
up to 1,1
Demanded power, kW 99
Diameter of die holes, mm 1,8-14
Additional material water
Overall dimensions (length/width/height), mm 4100/3830/5670
Weight, kg 4900

Benefits of pellets made by our press:

  • Strong and tight
  • No waste process
  • No need for additional binder

Dusts generated through the process are hovered in to EKO filter and can be reused again.
Automatic Roller lubrication station prevents from fast wear.
Equipment has protective plugs from overheating.
OGM is produced according to EU requirements.
Dies can be changed to achieve required strength and quality pellets.

Pellets are used as:

  • combined heat and power (CHP) for the heat supply districts.
  • boiler housing and communal services;
  • in cauldrons and fireplaces for heating of private houses;
  • bedding in the stables, farms
  • fortified feed for farm animals
  • as an amplifier of the fertilizer;
  • an absorbent for the toilet domestic animals;
  • an absorbent for industrial filters
  • to collect and remove oil from the surface of the earth and water when they spill;
  • for the production of heat-insulating building materials;
  • for the production of porous bricks.

Fuel pellets are:

  • less moisture
  • up to five times higher energy value
  • a simpler care
  • can store fuel for a longer period of time without the risk of decay
  • takes up less space as raw material
  • suitable for use in boiler rooms and private homes
  • long burning time
  • high-energy
  • low ash content
  • easy to use
  • easy to transport

Contact us if you have more questions about pellet press OGM-1,5A or want to get commercial offer.