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Sawdust shredding and pelletizing equipment set

Sawdust, wood shavings and chips shredding and pelletizing equipment set is intended to pelletize wooden raw material. Size of raw material must be no bigger than 2x2x0,5cm. 
It's very important to have dry and clena raw materiak. To make good quality pellet raw material humidity can't be higher than 11%, impurities like sand, gravel, metal parts, branches are not allowed. We can also propose drying equipment with our partners or colaborate with your drier supplier.
Pellets are made in natural pressing way  without binding agents except water or natural humidity inside raw material.

Main parts in wood pelletizing equipment set:

  • Bunker - transporter
  • Screener
  • Hammer mill
  • Air filtration equipment
  • Pellet press OGM-1,5A set
  • Packing in to big bags equipment
  • Electricity control boxes

Technical data:

Bunker-transporteris intended to supply raw material to the hammer mill. 

Volume, m3 15
Capacity, m3/h                                               Iki 25

Screener for big particles (metals, brances and other). 

Type                                                                                           Disk

Hammer mill (with stone catcher) is intended to make wood chips, shavings, sawdust fraction equal and not bigger than 1-3mm size. Grinded sawdust is blewn to primary cyclone-settler. If after screener there are any stones left - they are cought in stone catcher.

Capacity, t/h till 1,5
El. motor power, kW 55,0
Overall dimensions, m (length/width/height) 2,1x0,97x1,2
Weight, kg 1300

Material settling/air-cleaning equipment (can be used only 2 cyclones when working with wood). Cyclone with 11 and 0,75 motors are in OGM-1,5A set

Cyclone-settler, kW 1,5 (sluice gate)
Cyclone for secondary dust and material settling, kW 0,75 (sluice gate)
Cyclone for cooling and collecting of crumbles and dust, kW 11,75 (ventilator and sluice gate)

Cyclone with sluice gate puts-down grinded raw material and dust to the screw transporter. The cyclone body has a door for control of material moving process.
- EKO filter (long lasting dust collection bags with the case fastening belts and special grips). Used for secondary dust settling and final air cleaning.

Bags for dust collecting, bags per unit 4
Overall dimensions, m (length/width/height) 3,8/0,7/3,6

Electricity control panels (2 units).
Controls all the processes of equipment. Manual or automatic modes are available.

Pellet press OGM-1.5A produces pellets using grinded raw material. Equipment set includes: pellet press with ring die and rollers, screw transporter, bunker, mixer, elevator, cooler, sorter, cyclone, filter EKO, water supply system, ladders, automatic roller lubrication system, set of metal pipes and corrugated hoses.

Capacity, t/h:  
till 1,1
El. motors total power, kW 98,5
Diameter of pellets, mm 1,8-14
Length of pellets, mm 10-100
Binder Water
Overall dimensions, m (length/width/height)                      4,1/3,8/5,7
Weight, kg 5300

Equipment for packing into Big Bags
Include: belt transporter and bunker. Pellets are supplied to the bunker (capacity of 3,3 m3). Bunker has a manual valve and electronic platform scales (the results are shown on electronic display).

Capacity, t/h                                             2
El. power, kW                                                          1,5
Overall dimensions, m (length/width/height) 5,9x0,34x0,4
Capacity,  m³   2,7
Width, m 1,88
Length, m        1,58
Height, m 3,08-3,48

Automatic lubrication pump for rollers.

Power, kW                                                        0,06

There is a possibility to install additional equipment for inserting of additional materials, to add computerized monitoring of engine work, computerize and automate other processes according to customer request.

Production process:

Sawdust are supplied to the bunker-transporter. Then with the help of screw it goes to screener. Through the stone catcher, shredded material is delivered to the hammer mill by a screw transporter. It grinds the material to 1-3 mm fraction and blows it into the cyclone-settler. Dust goes out from the cyclones to the air filtration equipment. From the cyclone-settler, grinded wood pieces enter screw transporter, then bunker, from which, through batcher and mixer - to the pellet press OGM-1,5A. Material, with the help of the rollers, is pressed through the rotating ring die(matrix) holes and pellets are formed. On the outer side of the ring die, a knife cut off the pellets at the desired length. After extrusion pellets reach 90-100°C temperature and are transported into the cooler, where their temperature goes down to 25°C. This sets up the lignin and hardens the product, and contributes to maintain its quality during storage and handling. Finally it is screened, so as to separate the residual fines which are generally re-used in the process. Dust free pellets are then ready for storage, fed into the packaging equipment and packed in to big bags (600-1200 kg).

Benefits of pellets made by our press:

  • strong and tight
  • no-waste process
  • no additional binders other than water
  • up to five times higher energy value than raw not pressed material
  • simpler maintenance
  • longer possibility to store pellets without the threat of decay
  • takes up less space
  • suitable for use in communal services and private homes
  • long burning time
  • low ash content
  • convenient to use
  • convenient transportation

Pellets are used as:

  • combined heat and power (CHP) for the heat supply districts
  • boiler housing and communal services
  • in cauldrons and fireplaces for heating of private houses
  • bedding in the stables, farms