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Metalworks by order

JSC "Radviliskis Machine Factory" by individual clients orders design and produce various complexities nonstandard manufactures from metal, technological lines. Also we produce band, screw, chain, static and mobile transporters, metal construction, forms, tanks and containers. We also suggest various industry branch machinery managed by place and purpose. Today we export our production in many countries of European Union, Russia and Canada. We hope our offer will interest you. Please take opportunity to get a good deal and establish new warm relationship.

We can produce individual and mass production.

Our technical capacity:
CNC gas cutting
Spring making
CNC turning
Automatic turret lathes
CNC milling
Boring and drilling
Surface grinding
Cylindrical grinding
Gear making
Sheet metal bending
Roll bending
Roll forming
Thread rolling
Shot blasting
Wet painting
Design of stamps and dies
Production of stamps and dies
Induction hardening
Shield metal arc welding
TIG welding
Spot welding
Design of tools and equipment
Design of parts and machines
Production of tools and equipment

Technical possibilities


Metal surface cleaning with pellets.
Metal sawing – max diameter of metal blank is 400 mm.
Metal cutting – max thickness of metal sheet 20 mm and 1000 mm width.
Gas cutting – max thickness of metal sheet 100 mm and overall dimensions are 2000x9000 mm.
Plasmatic cutting – max thickness of metal sheet is 80 mm and overall dimensions are 2000x9000 mm.
Rolling of metal - max thickness of metal sheet 16 mm, 2000 mm width and thickness of metal cone 10        mm, 1700 mm length.
Punching – by 315 T power until 2500 mm length and 1400 mm width of metal sheet.
Bending – by 100 T power 2800 mm length metal parts.
Metal cutting with scissors – until 4 mm thickness and 1800 mm diameter of metal blank.


Grinding turning – until 1600 mm diameter 1000 mm length, or until 650 mm diameter 3000 mm length, or until 220 mm diameter 4000 mm length metal parts.
Grinding holes – until 1250 mm length, 1120 mm width and 1000 mm height metal parts.
Milling – until 10-th modulus 600 mm diameter and 800 mm height cogwheels.
Grinding – until 2000 mm length, 630 mm width plane surface and 400 mm diameter 1800 mm length shafts.
By mill, grind and drill machines with programming control we can make various difficult forms, exact metal parts.


Welding – with semi-automatic welding machine in protection of gas medium, with electric welding machine black and stainless metal constructions.
Dynamic balancing – since 3 kg until 300 kg weight, 2100 mm length and 1200 mm diameter parts.
Hardening – until 1300 mm length, 650 mm width and 400 mm height metal parts.
Surface hardening – until 200 mm diameter and 1200 mm length shafts.


By client order we project and produce:
Various nonstandard metal products and different kind of machineries parts.
Band, screw, chain static and mobile transporters.
Metal constructions, tanks, containers.
Various industry branch machinery, manage by place and purpose.

Contact us in Lithuania:
Mob.+370 655 33204
E-mail: [email protected]
Labour hours: Mo - Fr, 8 - 17h.; Lunch-hour 12-13h. (GMT +01:00).

We can design and implement your individual metalworking project.